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Short episode this week. My family and I are mid-move to North Carolina, and what I’ve got for this week, won’t take a lot of time. We’re gonna introduce a new component of the Body Mind Spirit model called Awareness, and we’re going to discuss how to control our awareness, so that we may become more awakened, and eventually… enlightened. So you got that going for you… which is nice… GO!

Okay so here it is. Awareness. Different color. No lines connecting it to anything. Because our awareness isn’t really attached to anything. It kinda moves… kinda floats.

From the Body Mind Spirit model perspective, awareness is basically going to be defined as… whatever we are noticing at the time… or the things we are focused on at any one instance.

Now adding this component doesn’t change who we are as humans of course, the model is designed to explain humanity, and the path to spirituality, so this addition is simply another way to represent a portion of our human existence. But it’s a really cool addition to the model. Here’s why:

When we’re talking about awareness… our awareness represents whatever we are noticing at the time. And why is that important to understand and define? Because our awareness… has a couple different modes… that depending on what mode it is in… can be the difference between experiencing pain and suffering… and being on the path to experiencing joy and bliss. Here’s what I mean.

I put the awareness component down near the mind, because frankly, most human awareness is solidly buried within the mind. For most humans, our awareness is constantly being held hostage by how we are looking at things, how we are judging things, how we are classifying things… and so for most people… awareness rarely leaves the mind area. And for this group of people… awareness kinda gets stuck in the FIRST MODE of operation… which is the mode of non-controlled awareness.

Now… non-controlled awareness is the path of the unconscious person. Non-controlled awareness allows for our awareness to be distracted by whatever is making the most noise, which is usually the mind. As babies, we start out with non-controlled awareness. Whatever makes the most noise gets our attention. It’s only later that we start to learn to control our awareness a little. But unfortunately, most of us don’t make it a habit, and we let our awareness slip into its uncontrolled state, where it listens to whatever is making the most noise.

And because of this… by default… awareness hangs around the mind, because the mind makes the most noise. And our awareness is taken by that noise… listening to all the mental processes… watching all the emotional turmoil… getting caught up in the drama of it all… it’s like our own little soap opera. And so as a result… awareness doesn’t usually pay attention to the body until a point where… the body gets injured or sick maybe. And awareness certainly doesn’t notice the spiritual existence within you because Spirit sits in its own contented bliss not creating any noise ever to distract awareness away from the mind’s noise.

And this does not bode well for our overall well being. Letting our awareness be hypnotized by the drama of our own internal noise, while ignoring the things that really matter… is like sitting around the house all day watching TV and neglecting the kids. Not good.

So what we need to do is throw our awareness into its second mode. Because there IS an alternative mode for awareness, which is called the controlled mode of awareness. And this is the path of the more conscious person.

See awareness can run amok, being distracted by whatever shiny thing is grabbing its attention… OR… attention can be controlled to be focused on wherever you want it to be focused. Which becomes a VERY powerful tool for someone looking to increase spiritual consciousness.

People who meditate, are practicing conscious control of their awareness. They are moving their awareness into their breathing, or into their body, or into the conscious calming of their mind. People like you guys… who take what we’re learning about the pain-and-suffering-creation-process… and CONTROLLING your awareness to look at that with a trained eye while all that is happening… THAT makes the difference between you being controlled by your negative emotions… and you becoming the observer of your negative emotional process… thereby not being affected by it as much.

So the difference between controlling our awareness, and being controlled by our awareness… is basically the difference between us being conscious and unconscious humans. So you can see why it’s pretty important to add that little component to our model.

And does this little model addition change who we are as humans? Of course not. But it does give us a cool little icon to be able to explain it better… and gives us a cool little tool to be able to visualize… controlling our awareness… and moving our awareness into our bodies for meditation, yoga, exercise, or whatever… and controlling and moving our awareness into a space where we are more apt to be able to see the awesome secret existence that is our spiritual identity within. Because when that happens, that changes the entire game.

So meet our little component called awareness. And don’t let yours run amok within you. Control your awareness. Watch the process of your pain and suffering within you as explained over the last 35 episodes. Control what you let your awareness watch within you. You will grow as a result, and by default be a more conscious spiritual entity.

As a bit of homework this week. Stop yourself from time to time and ask yourself, “where is my awareness, right now? Is it in my mind? Is it in my body? Is it with someone in my family or my partner? Where is my awareness?” Just the simple task of asking this little question brings your awareness back under control. That’s all for this week. Know that I love you. Peace.




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