Well, I think I made it in under the wire.  This week’s episode is compressing and transcoding, and I should have it up shortly.  But it was not without its challenges.

Why am I rushing at the last second?  My son had a bad reaction to his chicken pox inoculation Thursday, and was home yesterday and up much of last night with a fever as high as 104.  So…  so was daddy… sans fever… and sans working on this week’s episode like he had planned to.  And this set the production of the podcast back a large number of hours, pushing filming into 2am-3am, and editing into yesterday morning and this afternoon after a 4 hour nap for me after being up all night.

But… I got it out.  I did what was necessary.  Is it the best it could be?  No, it never is.  But it’s good enough, I think.

Was this a challenging situation? Yes. Was it frustrating?  Not in the least bit.

Oh, sure, it could have been.  Had I allowed for an ego to set expectations that I was able to shoot yesterday, get a good night’s rest, edit in the morning, and have time to go play sand volleyball in the afternoon to defend a tournament championship I won last year… I certainly could have been frustrated when my son’s fever sent him home early into my arms and circumvented by entire production schedule… with thousands of people waiting for this weeks episode… and with my favorite sport beckoning afterward.

Could I have felt the pressure?  Sure.  Could I have felt the anxiety that the delays cost the quality of the episode’s content.  I guess.  But I didn’t.  I simply accepted what was in every moment, and regarding the podcast, I put out the best effort I could regarding the resources and time that I have.  I don’t have Oprah’s production resources.  And I don’t have the luxury of this being a full time job (yet). So we get what we get.

And so, instead… I cherished the moments that my son was feeling bad where I could be there for him.  I appreciated the 11:30p and 1:00a crying fits, and the 10:15p bath we needed to cool his temperature, interrupting his sleep.  I think he appreciated my presence and attention.  I embraced the schedule glitch that sent me into working all hours of the night, sleeping from 7am to 11am, and not having the time to defend the sand volleyball championship I won last year.

And truth be told… I wouldn’t trade a second of it.  Do I wish I could have put out a better episode.  Kinda.  But we’ll get there.  People will ‘get’ it.  I know that.  So why not enjoy the rest of the day, and the fact that my boy is feeling much better today, and that at this moment he’s talking to me and giggling at me over his early dinner?  Why not release what could have been and embrace what IS?  I’m certainly more joyful in the moment than any alternative mindful option could offer.

Challenges?  I love them.  They’re opportunities to be better than we were yesterday, and a way to make life more interesting than it could have been without them.  We either rise to meet them, or learn from a failure.  What could be bad in any of that?

Anyway. I hope you enjoy the episode.  Know that some blood, sweat, and tears went into it.  But if it helps just one person live a more joyful life, and be blessed with the awakening I experienced that changed my life and thus the lives of everyone I touch (and subsequently have a positively affect on the lives of everyone they touch)… then the challenge… was all worth it.





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