One of my favorite quotes from Carl Jung is…

“Show me a sane man, and I will cure him for you.” ~Carl Jung

It is truly indicative of how tongue in cheek Carl Jung took his own life’s discipline.  Even one of the world’s foremost minds on the workings of the mind itself knew that his “science” was inexact in its ability to explain the reality of existence.  Along that line, one of my other favorites quotes from Jung is…

"The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely." ~Carl Jung
I AM Spirituality

The critical understanding of the last quote comes when you separate the word ‘oneself’ into its uncontracted two word origins: ONE SELF.

It is terrifying for the mind’s ego to realize it is a secondary self… in fact not just a secondary self, but a secondary and FALSE self.  An illusion.  It’s terrifying because the mind takes years to construct an understanding of self that it then dons as an identity.  Not having an identity (from the mind’s eye) is simply unacceptable.  That is why it’s very difficult for the mind to relinquish its title “the self”, to the Spirit… an entity that it has no recollection of even existing… until the mind is introduced to Spirit through a communal experience… a Mind-Spirit connection of sorts.

Jung was correct in the fact that it is a terrifying experience to accept one self completely.  When my ego died, I was in fact terrified right before it happened.  Or at least my mind was terrified of it.  It was terrified because what I was starting to experience was beyond what the mind could grasp… beyond what the mind could comprehend.

When the wave of energy rushed over me… and through me… becoming me… and me becoming it… my last conscious thought was that I was actually dying.  And it was indeed terrifying… for a moment.  It wasn’t until I let go and accepted that I was dying that the bliss of TRUE knowledge occurred.

A true rebirth.  Epiphany.  Enlightenment.  One Self.  And the ego… the mind’s understanding of self which I had desperately clung to for my entire life previous… was gone.  Forever.

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