Sometimes it is our own unconscious mind that inhibits us from greatness. “I am not worthy of success. I am not worthy of a good life. I am not worthy of love.”

It says these things without even giving a clue to our conscious mind that those thoughts exist under the surface. But sometimes they do.

And if they do, boy… can they be destructive! Why? Because in the mind… when the world presents a perceived reality that is different from an expectation of that reality, stress occurs within the mind and body. And so if the secret expectation of your unconscious mind is that things not be good in your life… when things are good in your life… the fact that things are good can actually produce stress in your life.  Stress regarding good stuff in your life?!  Isn’t that crazy?  Yup.  But it’s true.

In fact… if left unchecked, your unconscious mind… if it expects things to be crappy in your world… it may just work to sabotage the good things in your life in order to restore balance between what the world is giving you (good things), and what your unconscious mind expects to get from the world (crappy things). That’s truly a tough spot to reside from.  And it happens to a lot of people.  You may even know someone who could be considered “self-destructive”.

Do not let yourself fall into this trap!  Be mindful of your conscious and unconscious thoughts.  Be willing to see your own magnificence!  Make your unconscious expectation that the world give you everything you need.  It will.  If you truly believe it and drive it into your unconscious existence.



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