Hi Everyone,

If there is one thing I have learned through my role as a mother of eight it is that they are watching us!

And not just watching but absorbing our energy and ideas, the good ideas, the bad ideas and the downright UGLY ideas we hold, often secretly, tight to our chest.

As parents we do the very best we can with what we know but it astounds me that what we know is often ‘very little about who we truly are…’

When we are willing to take the plunge and get to know ourselves we flick an integrity switch that makes the results of our parenting experiments so much more pleasing!

Children respond to connection and integrity above most else!

As we journey within, on an adventure of awareness, we soon discover that we are really a product of what went on before. Our wonderful parents doing what they knew, parenting us with the techniques they learned from their parents and programming us with their values and concepts.

Mostly it seems humanity is busy creating mini me’s that then go on to populate the world with more of the same. Is this a biological urge or is it simply the result of fear based unconsciousness.

Could it be that navigating our world became more and more difficult and as each new fear kicked in, the mammoth, the lion, the car, the murderer…. as expectations of church and society clouded our natural joy, did we give up and curl up inside our psyche to wait it out?


I know my journey as led me to discover some very strange and unusual things about myself. My knee’s for a start; I have had a weird phobia about letting people see them, I found out recently that my mother held that phobia secretly… and now I have a twenty two yr old who won’t show his knee’s!

I thought I had a terrible singing voice…MUM again! she was told by her parents that she should NEVER sing in public…I didn’t know that. I now know that my voice is actually very good (have seen someone about that one!

We are egocentric, emotional beings desperately trying to please our parents by emulating their weird and wonderful ways, foibles and all.

This is all well and good, unless you want to know who you really are and potentially give your children freedom to evolve into who they truly are also! Although ultimately there is no avoiding it, they will have to go on their own journey of discovery, which is part of the fun of being human anyway!

In my eternal internal exploration I have made many discovery’s of old concepts and outdated parental values and subsequently sifted through to keep what I like and chuck the rest.

I think my kids appreciate this as they seem to make quite conscious choices about the things they do and their subjects of focus now. My public quest has made it clear to them that they do actually have a choice, they are not, in the end, beholden to the energy that I emit anymore!

So basically, I guess I am saying that it serves us well to get the self awareness bug and go fishing around in our emotional world. It is only a matter of living more consciously in the now anyway, breathing  more deeply and being a witness to our thoughts and feelings.

Value by value we can get naked, bare our knee’s and sing to the heavens!

THIS IS ME! Lala la la lala…..with our children smiling widely as they dance to their own music and swing from the stars…..

Until next time,

Keep questioning,




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