Hello  Everyone,

Thanks for your precious time!

That’s a great intro Sean posted, I sound awesome! (cool that we are one hey!?)

I do have a varied and interesting life. I definitely choose to fill my time in heaven, I mean on Earth with adventure, sort of extreme sport of the soul if you will.

Soul sports are about the limit of my capacity as an extremist, though. Thoughts of sky diving or Bunji jumping make me quiver with fear!

I did read somewhere that two people travelling UP in an airplane may have very different anticipatory feelings running through their bodies. One might be bouncing with Joy at the thought of leaping into the big blue whilst the other’s bowels are water!  The cool thing is this; it is the SAME energy that is coursing through the system, the only difference is INTERPRETATION.

This is what makes us such awesome creatures; ones impossible to argue with to a satisfying end and also puzzlingly curious.

I just realised that there are slight spelling differences in our INTERPRETATION of the English language! I am an Aussie and the majority of this readership is US. Sooo occasionally the writing may look weird (this is possibly a flimsy cover up for poor spelling….is the punctuation and grammar interpreted differently too?).

Interpretation– I was watching some brain expanding stuff about Quantum Physics on Youtube last night and was reminded of consciousness and perception.

We are one vibrating being, but within this being we have multiple conscious focuses, and each focus or conglomeration of thought is viewing a reality that is unique to their level of consciousness; thus each of us are viewing life through our very own reality tunnel.  Each reality tunnel serves to expose certain aspects of life that are insightful to the individual, bringing us along on our journey of self-realisation.

Once we get a grasp on this concept, we are hard pressed to find faults with another’s reality tunnel, or to believe they should see the world in the same way we do.

I can certainly turn my nose up at a behaviour that is the result of someone’s perception of reality, but no more can I expect them to be different from what they are.  I can only accept it and then turn MY focus to something more pleasing, something that supports the conscious creation of a reality I wish to inhabit.

It is actually pointless to expect anyone to view the world in the same way we do as individuals, or to make the same decisions, or beat the same drum.  If we happen to meet another that resonates with us, then WOOHOO!  Great leaps and bounds in consciousness are forged!

We may not view life through the same reality tunnel as another, but we can learn to love and accept the concept of the reality tunnels for what it is.  And once true acceptance kicks in forgiveness is the result, with forgiveness comes the gift of personal peace.

Ahhh, personal peace, now doesn’t that sound like a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Keep breathing.

‘Til next time,






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