Who Is This Guy?

Sean Webb

Sean Webb has a passion for helping people better understand Spirituality so they might attain a complete and lasting inner peace, and so that one day we might realize world peace.  His no-nonsense style and scientifically grounded explanations of spirituality and the search for inner peace make him a popular source of information for tens of thousands of spiritual seekers.  He is one of the world’s truly enlightened teachers.

Sean embraces his humanity beyond his spiritual practice, and enjoys telling spirituality like it is without using the nebulous enigmatic vocabulary commonly used by other spiritual teachers.  Sean is a fan of science and its role in supporting spirituality and spiritual teachings, he is just as big a fan of the teachings of the past sages within many of the world’s religions, and he mixes both to utilize a pragmatic intellectual approach when discussing things spiritual.

His groundbreaking Body Mind Spirit Model is the first in the world to be able to explain the creation of complex human emotions, and besides the new model passing muster with some of the world’s leading specialists in emotions modeling at GA Tech and MIT, it explains the creation of emotions in a way that normal people can easily understand, so they might be better prepared to calm their inner turmoil.  Subsequently, it is also the first model to lay out a practical and pragmatic path to understanding spirituality and inner peace.  Sean uses this model frequently to easily explain human behavior that modern day psychology has yet to explain.  His personal goals include raising money to feed the hungry, opening a spiritual retreat center in the rolling hills of the Lake Norman Area of North Carolina, and to enlighten the world toward the ultimate goal of an attainable world peace.

Sean makes himself available for speaking engagements, seminars, private spiritual coaching sessions, and plans to offer retreats to those who are interested.