Hi Everyone,

I feel inspired to remind everyone to B r e a t h e………..ahhhhhh

I repeat ‘are you breathing?’ dozens of times a day to my children, myself, anxious friends, hurrying, worrying people etc  I say it so often that I realised this morning that breathing correctly is extremely important to me and that I must not believe that we are doing it!

I know we are doing it, but it seems our breathing is mainly in basic survival or maintenance mode rather than in joy and success mode!

SO let us flick that switch!

First a little info on breathing and why it is so important to be doing it consciously and correctly.

Virtually every health condition and human activity is improved with optimal breathing

For some, breathing deeply comes naturally and is an obvious and indispensable aid to superior health, peak performance and life extension. More of us however get by on shallow breathing having lost or forgotten the ability to use our full capacity for oxygen intake.  If you watch a baby breathe it is usually a full breath and through the nose.

Consider this:

  • Science has shown that cancer is anaerobic – it does not survive easily in high levels of oxygen.
  • Shortness of breath and heart disease are linked – the heart goes into spasm when it is deprived of oxygen.
  • It has been shown that there is a correlation between high blood pressure and shallow breathing.
  • Emotional issues, including anxiety and depression, may result from the nervous system being out of balance.  Shallow breathing deprives the nervous system of much needed oxygen.
  • Good breathing practise helps to promote weight loss as oxygen is known to burn up calories!
  • Breathing well is a key to sleeping well and waking feeling refreshed.
  • Breathing provides 99% of your energy and without energy we don’t get too far!

It is a fast moving world where the need to work hard to survive and the drive to succeed can mean we forget to stop and breathe.

Optimal breathing brings you more vitality and better quality of life. Of course it is important to address food, exercise, internal cleansing, attitude and environment but breathing can be the first step to regaining health and balance.

So if your not feeling crash hot begin with your breathing; it is a simple starting point to improving your moment and your day and better breathing is possible for all of us!

I use breathing to bring me back into the moment.  Now is the only place to be and breathing puts my awareness here and NOW. Conscious breathing also reminds me of our ultimate connection to each other and all that is. We are all breathing the same air , recycling each other’s energy!

Before tackling any issue, great or small I make sure I breathe deeply with the intention of saturating my organs with oxygen. I know being oxygenated brings the solutions to unrest and dis-ease right to the surface of my mind!

For some, shallow breathing has become such a habit that to take a deeper breath can bring discomfort and possibly even pain. This is likely due to the lungs being unused to opening this far so like anything a little training is involved, diligent and focused breathing, starting gently and gaining strength!

Why have we stopped using our lungs to full capacity? Everything points to anxiety…. You may notice when you are feeling scared or anxious your breathing can become shallow or short.

When you were a child situations of fear may have arisen that caused you to feel frightened, even small seemingly insignificant situations, left uncorrected at the time may have caused you to hold your breath. Maybe you were reacting to an unconscious desire to be less noticeable or maybe your breath got caught in your throat when shocked or surprised. It is different for anyone.

A clue to bringing longterm relief to an old habitual form of breathing is to take the time to sit quietly and practice. At the onset of any discomfort ask your self, ‘Am I afraid? Tell yourself there is nothing to fear anymore.

You don’t need to seek out and re-visit old times, thoughts, situations unless you naturally go there. If a thought or memory does arise, be grateful for your insight and breathe into the thought with the intention to release it, continuing to practise bringing oxygen deep into your lungs!

If you burst into tears, which can happen when breathing correctly for the first time in a long while, let go, release the build up of tension that has been caused by withholding air from your lungs!

WOW! You are AWESOME, life is going to get SO MUCH BETTER for you!

It is mostly about having a conscious intention to improve your breathing and you will! You will remember more frequently to take deep breaths and life will change; twinkles and sparkles of joy will enter your body with the air  and your life will OPTIMISE!

Tip: Walking and playing with your children will cause you to breath more deeply!

Have you every followed a child around copying their movement? Take it further and imagine doing what your child does to scale, suddenly a chair becomes a mountain! This is a wonderful game that the kids love and that can quite quickly improve our stamina and breathing!

There you have it,

until next time…well you know!

keep breathing,




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