Hi Everyone,

It takes courage to face the parts of us we hide from the world and from ourselves.

But when we are willing to explore the possibility that we are more than who we have been led to believe we are, GREAT results evolve.

Emotional intelligence is about developing awareness of the emotions in ourselves and people around us.

It is about developing the smarts to navigate our lives in the best possible way for us.

We all use emotional intelligence everyday to say the right thing to get what we want or to make an impression. We use it to survive, but the simple fact is we are often using it without a healthy value system. We are using our emotional intelligence habitually from old programs rather than from a place of conscious awareness.

As we follow old programming, react to things that happen to us in the same ways over and over, think the same sort of thoughts again and again, we simply continue creating neural patterns in our brain that support the old way. In effect it keeps it easy to live the same life we’ve lived so far.

To change our lives we must change the thought system that has been allowed to cluster and flourish in our mind.

When we use our natural EI to make the choice to construct a positive value system, think healthier thoughts and grow different neural clusters, ones that support rather than sabotage, we cannot help but start seeing awesome changes!

Sometimes this can be uncomfortable and scary because it is unusual, we may have no frame of reference for happiness or achievement. PLUS unwanted parts of the brain are struggling to remain active etc This is ok, it is about remembering that the uncomfortable or frustrated feeling is simply that, nothing more than a FEELING with no more power to hurt you than you, as the boss, give it.

It can’t hurt you if you are in charge; when you say ‘I am aware that this is a feeling and I am tracking it/ observing it…you will see it dissolve…it is like a cut on the body….attend to it and it heals.

It is only when you are unconscious of your feelings and the effects they are having, when you are letting them walk all over you and allowing them to lead you to think a series of unsupportive thoughts that you may become wired into a state of confusion. Through this unawareness you unwittingly abdicate your position as LEADER.

When this happens you must remind yourself that you are the boss and employ some positive techniques to get yourself into the habit of choosing wellbeing over the ‘old and easier’ way.

If you do this often enough the new positive, successful and powerful you becomes the EASY WAY and the old one dies off!

High emotional intelligence is the mark of a happy and successful human being.

We are all capable of developing our EI, in fact not just capable but it is our RIGHT to have the opportunity to develop it. Sometimes due to our life circumstances emotional intelligence gets left out of the equation.

And we suffer as a result.

But now we are old enough and wise enough to take on the job of developing our own self-awareness, of giving ourselves the opportunities and options in life that we deserve!

This is GOOD NEWS!

And here is even MORE GOOD NEWS, our brains are wired to do exactly as they are told and we have the power to command it’s growth! 

YOU have an awesome life ahead. All you need to do is get fascinated


Until next time,

keep breathing,




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