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I recently came across an article informing us that Jerry Hicks of Abraham-Hicks fame is currently undergoing chemotherapy for Leukemia. The article claimed to have much information on the Hicks situation declaring,Jerry’s illness as well as Esther Hicks refusal to discuss the situation as proof that Abraham is one big money grubbing scam.

Now I am not a HUGE follower of Abraham, but then I am not and never have been a HUGE follower of anything (excepting my intuition!) This isn’t to say that I do not recognise worthy words of wisdom when I hear them.

Abraham says wonderful things that have been of great benefit to many, the words are wise, full of love and I believe, good intentions.

Whatever the Abraham-Hicks phenomenon has accumulated in wealth and status is due in the end to interested consumers!

I think it is an indication of fear when we are so quick to denigrate something that has been of such extraordinary help to humanity.

So Jerry Hicks is sick, he is human, has never claimed otherwise and maybe on a deep and meaningful level, he chooses the experience of leukemia to help him evolve his own understanding of the human body and mind.

OR maybe he wants to kick off from this world and he wants to do it this way.

Possibly he has neglected to look into a preferred method of release from his body; the last thing humans usually meditate on is their death although it is probably an excellent idea.

People are quite ignorant sometimes and seem to get a false sense of security by ‘exposing’ others as less than weak or fake. Ironic really, wouldn’t we prefer to see Abraham as true and helpful, after all they ONLY expound on Love and light and ultimate command of the personal human experience. It isn’t as though they are directing people to murder rape and pillage!

Wouldn’t it be nicer to imagine that there is actually a solution for the unrest and dis-ease of the human condition and that possibly Abraham is simply another messenger reminding us of our power?

Seems more sensible and conscious to look at this positively rather than judging one man’s experience and then using our judgement to justify verbally crippling something that we are possibly just not evolved enough to understand!

In what way does uncovering Abraham as a scam benefit the people? Well believe it or not I may have an answer for that!

From a spiritual perspective it could look a bit like this; sometimes we are too human to see our own best interest and we wayside our intuition and personal strength in favour of others stepping in and doing ‘it’ for us. Essentially seeking the quick fix.

WELL by now we are becoming familiar with the quick fix as also the temporary fix, the feelgood fix, that if left unexamined fades quickly, leaving us seeking again for more of the same!

Is it possible that the wisdom of Abraham was becoming tainted with neediness and beginning to be a crutch rather than seen for what it is, simply guidance to remembering our own power?

Maybe followers were becoming too reliant on Abraham and seeing it as better or Godlike and outside the self.

When we do this, focus on another as our source of wellbeing, it is usually an indication that we have turned away from the truth or God if you will. We have in fact created an idol. History shows us that our idols are prone to crumbling, revealing themselves as part of the illusion of the external.

I actually think that it is a setup of our own higher mind, the part of us that knows our own best interests, to disallow us to vainly continue appealing to others for our joy. But instead pops a spanner in the works causing uncertainty and directing us to look within the self for our more permanent state of enlightenment again.

God or All That Is, lies within and about us, it IS us as I am fond of saying, as soon as we stop seeing and feeling that connection and point our fingers at others as MORE God than us, we get a bit of a wake up call.

So Jerry and Esther and Abraham are part of ourselves and as such will deliver exactly what is in our highest interests. If that means taking a backstep in favour of our true evolution into pure conscious awareness then so be it.

I say, bless you and thank you Abraham and Esther and with all my heart I wish Jerry the best possible journey for him.

Until next time,

keep breathing,





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