About Us

About Our Intentions:

We’re here to illuminate… about spirituality, about inner peace, about the transcendent experience commonly called enlightenment, and about life in general. We intend to do it irreverently, unapologetically, and most of all… concisely. We’re not big on blowing smoke up your ass.

First, everything you see here, all the spiritual teachings found on this site, including the video podcast through iTunes… is FREE.  Now that’s out of the way, here’s why we’re here:

We created I AM Spirituality to expose a set of divine spiritual secrets that have been lost since before written history… secrets lost to most religions… secrets lost to most philosophical and critical thinking… secrets lost to the mind of man itself.  These secrets explain not only the enigma of spiritual existence, but also help explain the operation and intricacies of the human body and human mind like never before.  And beyond that, these secrets grant inner peace.

You want to understand God and humanity better than you ever have before?  Want to eliminate the destructive forces that have caused you emotional pain and suffering in your life?  Want to figure out how to get the spiritually blissful life you didn’t even know it was possible for you to have?  We have you covered.

I AM Spirituality is here to explain things.  We are here to explain answers about human and spiritual existence that have been all but forgotten, including secrets about God and the universe… and we are also here to explain how you can personally enter into a direct communion with the Transcendent Intelligence which answers all questions without having to hear those answers from us. We’re not hear to sell you on some ‘law of attraction’ fallacy, or to get you confused with some made up quantum mechanics connected wish-list. This is the real deal. We are here to explain spirituality and humanity in a way it has never been explained before, and to show you a way to find your own answer without having to listen to us anymore.

We are guides.  Nothing more.  Nothing less. Do you like what you hear? Subscribe:


We are here to put a true scientific and intellectual spin on the Life Energy that is called by so many names globally, and we’re here to explain how that Life Energy it fits into and creates our everyday human existence. We’re also here to explain the intricacies of the non-spiritual portions of human existence (the body and mind) from a spiritual perspective.  We do this so that our community members can understand how to increase their levels of inner peace through non-spiritual self discovery, which ultimately then leads to spiritual self discovery.

We’re here to explain the untold secrets of both humanity and spirituality, as impossible as that may sound.  Don’t believe us?  Stick around.  We’ll prove it to you. The I AM Spirituality podcast is already the #1 ‘Spirituality’ video podcast on iTunes. We hope it’s because the messages of I AM Spirituality ring of truth. We think they do. If you think they do to, don’t miss our written posts also:


And as we explain more and more seemingly profoundly unexplainable stuff… stuff that has previously not been explained before now… you will start to know that the messages we share are spot on… Divinely Inspired knowledge, in fact. Accurate, and Holy.  And as we share more and more divinely based wisdom… that you probably aren’t getting from church… and that you know is representative of God’s love… and that by-the-way also just makes sense from an intellectual perspective… you will know that this website is not just another fluff-filled-non-specific-positive-thinkers-fest that talks about God and the human Spirit in nebulous foggy terms that you can’t really quite understand.  Nope… not here. Here, we lay the secrets of spirituality out straight, and explain the answers so you can understand them.  Intellectual spirituality.

Do you want to know how you personally can realistically and perpetually turn the other cheek after someone slaps you, like Jesus suggests that we do?  We explain that here.  Do you want to understand how to love thine enemy as thyself?  We provide the psychological roadmap and explain it like no religious leader ever has.  Want to understand the hidden messages in numerous religious texts that aren’t being preached from the pulpit?  We have them here.  Do you want to attain a Satori, or Moksha, or Enlightenment, or realize your true Buddha nature?  We have your answers.  It does not matter from which religious background you come.  It does not matter what ethnicity resides in your genes.  It does not matter in which country you live throughout the world.  We have answers to your spiritual questions… from an intellectual and even scientific perspective.

About the Site:

Community1 GraphicWhat answers this site may or may not provide is partially up to YOU, and a lot of what I AM Spirituality will ultimately become depends heavily on your input. Speak.  We will respond to you.  Interact! You can comment here, or you can share on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a number of other video and social sites.

We are all about communicating the spiritual truth that transcends all religions, and we are here for you. Specifically, we’re about helping you sweep away the pain, suffering, and emotional turmoil that is hiding the inner peace that resides within you that you may or may not realize is even there.  It is.  We will help you find it.

If you have been underwhelmed by ‘new thought gurus’ who haven’t been getting it done for you, you will not be underwhelmed here.  If you are confused about all the various methodologies that people have been touting on ‘how to rid yourself of negative energy’, you will no longer be confused on how to get that done. If you have been frustrated with questions that your church has not been able to provide answers to, you will find those answers here.  You can even ask specific questions if you think we need to hit on something that we may not have covered well enough. Subscribing will allow you to comment on any post we publish:


It is our goal here to respond to every sincere communication we receive, every thoughtful question that is posted for us to consider, and every substantial discussion string that any of this content initiates.  Know that we are ALL contributors… especially you.  Contribute your questions, thoughts, feelings, and opinions.  Your questions will help us, and they will help others.  We want to help you get the most from this blog.  Don’t leave us hangin’.  We won’t leave you hangin’.  Subscribe… so you know when we’ve posted so you don’t have to check back blindly.

About Our Path:

Here, you will get an education on some of the ancient secrets of human existence that have been long forgotten.  Here, we will show you the source of knowledge from where you can become educated through a direct communion with the Life Energy that permeates every corner of the universe. Here, we will bring you to the door of complete spiritual bliss.

On the other side of that door lies both inner peace, and ultimately world peace.  It is our path to get you to that point of understanding.

If we are successful, your life will be filled with a greater inner peace, a more fulfilled joy within every minute of every day, and an understanding of things which probably up until now you might have assumed you would not be able to (or were not “meant” to) understand.

But you ARE meant to understand. And getting you to that understanding is what I AM Spirituality is all about.

Please enjoy this site, and the I AM Podcast, and also the journey it takes us on.  Discuss the ideas you find here with friends, family, and even perfect strangers if it pleases you.  Call bullshit on us if anything doesn’t sound quite right.  We’ll get back to you.  We promise.

So with all these thoughts in mind, let us continue our journey…