Here’s an interesting optical illusion that points out the weakness of the mind to see things not as they are… but as how the mind is conditioned and accustomed to seeing them.  Watch it, then read the continuation below:



Have you questioned how you look at the world lately? Have you questioned conventional wisdom?  Have you cast off the information that people have taught you… to look upon the world with new eyes, testing those previously shared theories and teachings with your own newly renewed perspective?

Or have you simply accepted the world as your mind presents it to you… the world influenced and even tainted by the filters and conditionings of old thought processes and patterns?

A Harvard psychological experiment tested a group of individuals on their ability to notice an obvious change in their immediate environment.  The subjects approached a counter in an office where they were instructed to sign a consent form, whereafter the person helping them popped below the counter to grab an information packet informing the subject about the experiment.  The surprise however, was that the countertop interaction was the experiment.  The catch was that the person who popped back up to hand them the packet and point them down the hall (from the exact same place the helper disappeared below the counter) was in fact A DIFFERENT PERSON who was hiding under the counter to take the place of the person who accepted the form.  Helper #2 even had different hair, different clothes, and different voice when they handed the subject the packet.

Result: In the follow up interview down the hall, when people were asked to explain their sign-in procedure, 75% of the participants did not notice the change from one person helping them to another… even when the change happened right in front of them, and within the confines of an entire switch-out of a human being with whom they were interacting.

Don’t think this couldn’t be you on most days.  Did you see the face pointing out at you above?

So… with the mind having such an influence on covering up things that might well be important for you to notice, how on Earth could your mind allow you to notice the existence of your Spirit?

Well… in short… it doesn’t.

But it soon will.  Stay tuned.




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