Hi Everyone!
Instead of an article today I would like to pose a question- this question will serve two purposes:

1. It has the power to spark a plethora of healing activity.


2. Your answers (please comment!) will aid me in compiling a database of information that will be used to revolutionize education; giving children the opportunity to develop the aspects if their mind that are essential for living a fulfilling, rewarding and joyful life.

The question has two parts:

Part A : What is the best thing a teacher ever said to you as a child in school?

Part B : What is the worse thing a teacher ever said to you as a child in school?

If you allow yourself to sink into the question, your answers will come and for many they will bring with them powerful healing. For some it will be in the opportunity to forgive while for others it will be in the awareness gained from revisiting this aspect of your past.

Taking the time to examine a select piece of personal history like this often enlightens us to our repetitive behavior giving us insight into our actions as educators, parents and friends.

Obviously bringing this information into  our conscious mind makes it possible to accept and change!

So instead of rambling on today, I will leave you to sit in the power of your being and open up to the potential these memories offer!

Thank you so much for your contribution to my database of information (any comments I use will remain anonymous).

Have an AWESOME day!

Until next time,

Keep Breathing.




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