Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Arna Baartz. Arna is going to be a more familiar voice around these parts, as that she has officially been added to the authors list for I AM Spirituality.

I’ve been thinking for quite a while that we will need a few different authors who come from different backgrounds to share stories of their spiritual consciousness and personal life balance. On that tack, Arna brings a number of positive influences to this blogsite. First, she is a woman, and speaks from a female perspective, which I think is something that is sorely lacking. Don’t get me wrong… I relate to women rather well, and my wife still likes me after 10 years, so I must not be totally repulsive to women… but at the same time… in my body and mind’s manifestation, I’m a guy. So although my Spirit isn’t a guy, I do materialize thought like a guy. And I speak like a guy. And I welcome Arna’s voice here as an equal, and well needed addition.

Next, another characteristic of balance that Arna brings is that she comes to us from the other side of the globe. Literally. Arna lives in Australia. Subsequently, she can help us see the potential differences in how we may see spirituality in different regions around the world, and/or educate us on how similar spirituality is among all of us, regardless of where we are geographically.

But lastly, Arna is an amazing mix of Spirit, Mind, and Body, who brings an amazing balance from within her own life. She’s an artist, a philosopher, a martial artist, and a mother of EIGHT children! She has a wonderful perspective on the world, and although (like all of us) exists in a world that demands egoic interaction, she is one who finds balance in living within the world but not being of it.

Click on her links regarding the I AM Program (a coincidence in naming), which is a program she developed to teach school children emotional intelligence and esteem building. And then go and check out her ART! It’s awesome!

Arna, in her own words:

I AM! What more is there to say?

OK for our purposes here… I AM a 39 yr old Australian, mother of eight ranging from 22 yrs to 18 months, I am a professional artist (painter primarily) I write and I philosophise.

I KNOW in the depths of my heart that we are one and this causes HAPPINESS most of the time!

All of my writing and art swim in the direction of expressing ONENESS- Oneness that I call I AM. I AM Pure awesomeness and WE ARE ONE! I see within this oneness that in fact nothing needs to change we are a fluid, living, energy entity experiencing- God if you will.

Regardless to say, as a human experiencing this world I hope to see peace. I have a message to communicate to the world that lies like a superficial skin over the perfection of oneness, a message that will pop up often in my contribution to this blog.

I look forward to playing with you,

About the I AM Program:
EMOTIONAL Intelligence.

OBJECTIVE- to have emotional intelligence education taught daily in every classroom from pre-school through highschool.

I believe that if we grace children with an understanding of their power and potential as creative, emotional beings and go on to support the integration of such knowledge, we will see a wave of fundamental change sweep through the generation.

We absolutely can and will change the social climate swiftly if we applied the technique of childhood personal development in a broad spectrum way!


ABOUT my art:





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