Hi Everyone,

Today is the day you take inventory on your awesomeness.

For years now people and spirits in your life have been offering you gifts of love. Whether you have noticed or not it HAS been happening.

People have been smiling at you and complimenting you; you have been touched by the love-breezes that are designed to flow through your life awakening you to your wonder and connection with all that is.

For a long time you have been gliding through these moments either comfortably, uncomfortably or unaware and possibly not recognising them for the valuable gifts they are. You have been popping them in the back of your cupboard where they have awaited the day you were ready to open and receive them.

Today is that day!

We will start with a few quiet minutes in which you are to ask your mind to remind you of how awesome and miraculous you actually are.

Breathe in and out deeply and gently a few times, until you begin to feel your body relax…don’t be frightened of discovering your wonder, it won’t hurt!

Feel your muscles let go.

Say out loud ‘I am ready to receive my lifetime of gifts, show me how wonderful I AM’.  Your mind/spirit will do as it is asked.

With your eyes closed imagine yourself walking down brightly coloured steps, breathing in and out with each step you take, until you reach a well lit hallway. Stroll softly down the hallway until you come to the end, at which a big and beautiful golden cupboard awaits.

Open the door to your cupboard….what do you see? Note how large the inside of the cupboard is, it is wondrous and filled with celebration…beautifully wrapped boxes of all shapes and sizes sit waiting for you to peel back the wrappings and peek inside…there are lifetimes of LOVE gifts
here for you to open and receive .

Spend as long as you wish sitting in there, opening your gifts….Amongst these presents are beautiful memories of times you were loving to others and the way it felt to give of yourself. There are rainbows you have witnessed and aromas that have filled you with pleasure, feel them enter your body and expand your joy!

As you enjoy this experience, your ego may try and fight a little. Do the best you can to ignore any negative thoughts that try to turn your attention away from your beauty. Any negativity that arises is an illusion. It is simply your ego being asked to take on a new role in your life, one in which you direct it to negotiate your way in the physical world rather than it (your ego) order you about!

A quick note on the ego;
There is a lot of talk of killing the ego as though the ego is a bad thing. I take a different approach to the ego. I thank the ego for its part in my
life…all the ego is, is our identity, our self as distinct from the world and others. In psychoanalysis, the ego is the division of the psyche that
is conscious, most immediately controls thought and behaviour and is most in
touch with external reality.

My ego is the ARNA rather than the I AM!

Now in this world where we play the game of -humanity regaining conscious awareness of truth which is oneness and pure connection with all that is!- we
need an identity, we need an ego we just don’t need to identify only with the ego as though this body and personality is all that exists.

This is where we run into trouble. This is when things hurt and we experience loneliness and fear.

The connection that humans desire with each other, is an indication and a reminder of our true egoless connection with all that is.

So, being aware of the ego as just an old habit of believing in your body and name as the only power, will now make it so much
easier for you to compassionately disregard the resistance that may pop up as you listen for your minds list of reasons of why you are so awesome.

You of course need NO justification for knowing that you are wonderful. You exist, that is miracle enough. We have all seen the documentaries that
reveal the challenges involved for the sperm (one half of you) to make it to the egg (the other half of you!)


YOU made it…woowwwwooowweeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Even beyond the physical, the REAL YOU, the particle of the entire universe, the speck of the big bang, the spark that makes the BIG picture complete, needs no justification for expanding into its own awesomness either.

BUT as a human being struggling through layers of programming to remember these little facts it is important to take the time to sink into our
wonder and if we have to peel back the veil little by little through remembering the beautiful things to get there then so be it!

Whilst you sit in peace, allowing your mind to wander into your cupboard of goodies, be EXCITED, it is like your birthday and all the angels of your
physical and spiritual life have gathered around to watch you open gifts you have been pushing into the back of the cupboard all these years

At the end of your gift opening ceremony allow yourself to pick an extra special one to bring back to daily life. This memory is a symbol you
will use as a reminder of how AWESOME and worthy you are. It may be a smile you gave someone who needed it or a piece of delicious cake you once ate!

Anytime you begin to have a doubtful or nasty thought about yourself, a thought that tries to convince you you are less than awesome, summon up that memory and breathe deeply into it!


I AM WONDERFUL simply because I EXIST!

There you go,

until next time,

keep breathing,




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